KNIME Beginner's Luck

A Guide to KNIME Data Mining Software for Beginners


Rosaria Silipo is a certified KNIME trainer and this book has been born from her lessons on KNIME and KNIME Reporting. It gives a detailed overview of the main tools and philosphy of the KNIME data analysis platform. The goal is to empower new KNIME users with the necessary knowledge to start analysing, manipulating, and reporting even complex data.

No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.


The book shows you how to:
- install KNIME and take the first steps in the KNIME platform (chapter 1)
- build a workflow (chapter 2)
- manipulate data (chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5)
- perform a visual data exploration (chapter 3)
- build models from data (chapter 4)
- design and run reports (chapters 5 and 6)

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