Just KNIME It! - Learning KNIME One Challenge at a Time

Written by Aline Bessa & Victor Palacios
JKI ebook cover

“Just KNIME It!” is a series of weekly challenges with the goal of helping KNIME users prove their KNIME knowledge and practice their workflow building skills. The first season ran from January 25 to October 26, 2022, and includes a total of 40 challenges. 

Each week we published a challenge (levels easy to hard), and gave a week for our community to solve it before publishing our own solution. Solutions were uploaded onto a KNIME Hub space with tags justknimeit-xx, where xx was the number of the corresponding challenge. For each challenge we created a discussion space on the KNIME Forum, and also a leaderboard ranking participants by the number of submitted solutions. 

In this booklet we have collected all the challenges from our first season and sorted them based on their difficulty and theme. Topics ranging from visualization, web scraping, statistics, natural language processing, and much much more.


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