KNIME Software on Microsoft Azure

Data science cloud deployment.

Run KNIME Server or KNIME Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure. Host your data science platform and applications in the cloud.

Cloud-Hosted KNIME Software

Provide your organization cloud deployed, self service, data science development, delivery, and management.

Leverage Full Memory, GPU or Maximum CPUs

Available on the instance for data science IT operations, or choose a bigger instance when needed.

Connect to Other Resources

Connect directly to other Microsoft Azure resources from KNIME Software.

Auto Scaling on Azure (BYOL & PAYG) with KNIME Server Large

KNIME Executors are available on the Azure Marketplace as bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) allowing you to automatically and dynamically start up new Executors. Using Azure Auto Scaling, you can detect if new KNIME Executors need to be started, e.g. in the case of heavy system load (scale out). Conversely, Executors are shut down again once load decreases (scale in). In the case of PAYG, dynamic scaling makes it possible to save money on both instance and license costs.

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KNIME Software on Azure Marketplace

Bring your own licence (BYOL) and use our configuration tweaks for running KNIME on Microsoft Azure once you've purchased your KNIME Server licence from us.

Run KNIME Analytics Platform on Windows Server 2016 which is pre-configured for immediate use via Remote Desktop.

Try KNIME Server Small

Integrate KNIME and Microsoft SQL Server

Query MS SQL databases running on Azure, or MS SQL Data Warehouse, using our graphical query builder.

Deploy R scripts directly from KNIME Analytics Platform into a SQL Server database, due to additional support for SQL Server Machine Learning Services.

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Blend Tools and Data on Azure

Upload to and download data from the Azure Data Lake with Azure Blob Storage Connectors.

Scale with HDInsight - a Big Data cluster supporting Apache Hive and Apache Spark. KNIME Integrations are also fully compatible.

KNIME Big Data Connectors

Deep Learning on Microsoft Azure

Accelerate your Deep Learning Workflow Using GPU Instances on Microsoft Azure.

Launch KNIME on Azure

Guidelines for launching KNIME Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure.

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Connect to KNIME on Azure

Guidelines for connecting to KNIME Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure.

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