KNIME Software on Amazon Web Services 

Data science cloud deployment.


Run KNIME Server or KNIME Analytics Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Services. Host your data science platform and applications in the cloud.

Cloud-hosted KNIME Software

Provide your organization cloud deployed, self service, data science development, delivery, and management.

Leverage the full memory, GPU, or maximum CPUs

Available on the instance for data science IT operations, or choose a bigger instance when needed.

Connect directly

to other AWS resources from KNIME Software.

KNIME Software on AWS Marketplace

Run KNIME Server Large on AWS and run auto-scaling groups with executors that can scale up and down as the workflow execution demand changes.

Bring your own licence (BYOL) and take advantage of our configuration tweaks for running KNIME on AWS once you've purchased your KNIME Server licence from us.

Run KNIME Analytics Platform on Windows Server 2016 which is pre-configured for immediate use via Remote Desktop.

Pay the same for your annual KNIME Software subscription on AWS as you would for purchasing directly from KNIME (additional AWS infrastructure fees apply).

Try KNIME Server Small

Connect to databases on AWS

Use the Relational Database Service (RDS) connectors for AWS RDS MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server enable you to construct SQL queries graphically.

Create a Redshift cluster, run your SQL query, and shut it down when you're done.

Query flat files stored in S3 with a SQL interface without needing to maintain a database server using Athena


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Connect to managed services on AWS

KNIME Big Data Connectors

Access KNIME Integrations

such as Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Translate. Use them in an instance purchased through the AWS Marketplace, manually installed in AWS, or install on-premise.

Use EMR to manage your big data cluster

which supports Apache Hive and Apache Spark through KNIME Big Data Integrations.

Upload to and download from the AWS Data Lake

with S3 Storage Connectors. Supports server side encryption to ensure data stays secure.

KNIME Server

Learn more about KNIME Server for collaboration, automation, management, and deployment.

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KNIME Software on AWS

Find out more about hosting your KNIME Server on Amazon AWS.

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