Overview of KNIME Software Framework and Security

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KNIME firmly believes in open source and the power of the community. Our philosophy is to maintain and develop an open source platform containing all the functionality that any individual might require and to continue delivering extended functionality through our own work and that of the KNIME community. KNIME complements the open source KNIME Analytics Platform with licensed commercial software for increasing productivity and enabling collaboration.

To support our development goals, KNIME has implemented rigorous software engineering standards, a key part of these standards focuses on ensuring all aspects of software security. Our security policy includes a structured approach for exchange and the communication of security related topics with our extensive user community.

The extensive capabilities and choices available with KNIME Software means that each organization will want to implement KNIME Software capabilities based on their business as well as security requirements. To assist, KNIME provides software capabilities and best practices from our customers so that an organization can implement and test their own security compliance regime on their usage of KNIME Software.

This PDF provides a detailed overview of the KNIME Software development framework and security approach.

This page shows a summary of all security advisories for KNIME Software products and services, including KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Business Hub, and KNIME Community Hub.

To report a potential vulnerability in KNIME Software, please follow the instructions here.

KNIME Software Development Framework

Download the detailed KNIME Software framework and security approach.


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