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KNIME Hub enables users across different disciplines to collaborate and productionize analytical solutions created using the free and open source KNIME Analytics Platform. KNIME Hub is available in two flavors–KNIME Community Hub, open to the global community, and KNIME Business Hub, installed into your private infrastructure. Learn more below.
KNIME Community Hub

KNIME Community Hub

  • Browse from thousands of readymade data science solutions, created by the community
  • Drag & drop solutions into your running KNIME Analytics Platform to use as building blocks
  • Upload and organize your workflows in a central place and manage them as projects
  • Share and collaborate on solutions in dedicated, private spaces in either small groups or teams, or publicly with the entire community
  • Schedule workflows to run automatically, run them ad hoc, or run them as interactive data apps
KNIME Business Hub

KNIME Business Hub

  • Share and collaborate on workflows in folder-like spaces publicly with the organization or privately within teams
  • Build a repository of reusable workflows for your team, department, or organization for a faster start
  • Schedule workflows to run automatically and monitor them self-sufficiently at the team level
  • Deploy workflows as interactive data apps to abstract complexity and easily onboard non-technical users
  • Run any number of models and deploy to any number of users with cloud-native architecture
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Hear why Michael Richter, Director of Business Intelligence at Hennessy Automotive Group, chooses to use KNIME Hub for BI & Analytics.

Reach out to our Customer Care team to request more information about KNIME Hub.

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