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KNIME Hub Pricing

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KNIME Community Hub

Bit Cluster/Corner/Yellow


What's included
  • Browse, download, and share workflows and components with the community
  • Store workflows in private spaces
  • Collaborate with others
  • Version history of workflows and components
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Bit Cluster/Corner/Yellow


For small teamsSubscription on Community Hub
What's included
  • Browse, download, and share workflows and components with the community
  • Store workflows in private spaces
  • Collaborate with team members in public spaces or private spaces
  • Version history of workflows and components
  • Centralized billing, on team level
  • Option to extend disk space for your spaces
Angle Line/Light BlueCustomer-Managed

KNIME Business Hub

Bit Cluster/Corner/Yellow


For small teams with business needsInstalled into customer infrastructure
What's included
  • Single team
  • Browse, download, and share workflows and components just with your team in a dedicated instance
  • Deploy and manage workflows as apps and services
  • Single execution context
  • Enterprise authentication via e.g. LDAP or OIDC
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Bit Cluster/Corner/Yellow


For teams deploying many solutionsInstalled into customer infrastructure
What's includedAll from Basic, plus
  • Supports up to three teams
  • Collaborate with other teams through shared spaces
  • Unlimited Data App and REST API access for consumers
  • Advanced permission management (support for internal/external groups)
  • Unlimited execution contexts
  • Edge for highly scalable REST API deployments
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Bit Cluster/Corner/Yellow


For organization-wide deploymentInstalled into customer infrastructure
What's includedAll from Standard, plus
  • Optional read-only user support
  • Supports unlimited teams
  • Several KNIME Hub installs possible
  • Installation into existing Kubernetes clusters (see supported versions)
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KNIME Community Hub

Managed by KNIME
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KNIME Business Hub

Installed in customer infrastructure
CollaborationUse components, workflows, extensions shared publiclyIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Save workflows in private spacesIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Share & collaborate on workflows & componentsPublic spaces onlyIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Collaborate in teams1 team1 teamUp to 3 teamsUnlimited teams
Create collectionsIcon/Checkmark
Read access for unlicensed usersIcon/Checkmark
AutomationExecute workflowsIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Automate workflow executionIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Scale out workflow executionIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Execution resource managementIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Access KNIME Business Hub via REST APIIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
DeploymentDeploy Data Apps to end usersOnly to other usersIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Deploy REST APIs to end usersIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Unlimited access to REST APIs & Data AppsOnly to other usersIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
ManagementUser credential managementIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Integration with corporate authentication providers (LDAP, OAuth/OIDC, SAML etc)Icon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Monitor activity (running & scheduled jobs)Icon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Manage services centrally or within teamsIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Access data lineage summariesIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Upgrade management & backupsIcon/CheckmarkIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Multiple KNIME Business Hub installation supportIcon/Checkmark
Install into customer provisioned Kubernetes ClustersIcon/Checkmark
Deploy inference services on KNIME EdgeIcon/CheckmarkIcon/Checkmark
Included vCores4816
Included Users3, up to 10 possible5520
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