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KNIME for data experts

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Focus on creating and productionizing advanced analytics, with or without code.


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Why KNIME for data experts

Handle more requests faster

Handle more requests faster

  • Get insights faster, without any coding, using a low-code/no-code interface and a genAI assistant.
  • Prep, analyze, and deploy data science solutions in a single, end-to-end platform.
  • Eliminate repetitive, manual work by creating reusable, automated workflows.
  • Provide custom views of data and empower ad hoc analysis through data apps.
  • Get the choice to auto-create scripts with an AI-powered coding assistant.

Collaborate across teams and disciplines

Collaborate across teams and disciplines

  • Bridge the gap between data and business experts with KNIME as a lingua franca.
  • Scale analytics access and enable self-service with a low-code/no-code interface.
  • Facilitate collaboration between business and data teams with easy-to-follow, visual workflows.
  • Save and share Python scripts, analytical models, or data processes for reuse.
Reskill and upskill

Reskill and upskill

  • Ensure self-sufficiency in non-technical users with a low-code/no-code interface.
  • Provide blueprints that non-experts can learn and upskill from independently.
  • Broaden your team’s data science skills with access to the latest and most advanced analytics including LLMs.
  • Speed up learning with workflow blueprints and a genAI assistant to guide you through newer disciplines.
Ensure model quality and accuracy

Ensure model quality and accuracy

  • Deploy worValidate models with performance metrics and carry out cross validation to guarantee model stability.
  • Explain machine learning models with LIME, Shap/Shapley values. Understand model predictions with the interactive partial dependence/ICE plot.
  • Automatically document each step of the analysis visually.
  • Make model maintenance straightforward and mistakes easier to fix with version control, debugging, tracking, and auditing.

Customize LLMs for your specific use cases with the KNIME AI extension

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