KNIME Community


The KNIME user community leverages the advantages of KNIME Software to solve data science challenges and build great solutions. It wouldn’t be much of a community without discussions and help: We encourage KNIME users to help each other and share knowledge in the KNIME Forum. If you have a question or think that someone else must have experienced a similar challenge: Take a look at the forum.

If you are interested in real-world workflows as well as examples of what KNIME users are creating with KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Hub allows you to browse the plethora of workflows contributed by the community as well as KNIME. In addition, users are sharing useful snippets in the form of components for reuse.

Extension Developers

KNIME Analytics Platform offers flexible options to disseminate your algorithms and methods in the form of new nodes to users, as packaged as a Community Extension available from KNIME Hub. Information on how to get started with development, what the requirements are for considering your extension as “trusted” and such, are collected in the Extension Developers section.


It doesn’t matter if you would like to run a course at your local school, university, or at the continuing education level: We have built a support community where KNIME and members of the educator community are sharing their teaching material, for instance, presentations, examples, exercises. Find out more on our webpage.


Scientists actively use KNIME Software in their research: If you are interested in finding out more, you can, for instance, take a look at publications mentioning KNIME on PubMed (focus on life sciences) as well as Google Scholar (more general). KNIME is also regularly involved in research projects, where we push the boundaries of KNIME Software and its use in science.