KNIME Spring Data Talks: Bringing Business and Data Science Together

Presentations from KNIME Spring Data Talks: Bringing Business and Data Science Together on April 28, 2022.

KNIME Spring Data Talks: Bringing Business and Data Science Together
Analytical Sophistication for All with KNIME

Speakers: Sasha Rezvina, Phil Winters (KNIME)

Hear from Phil Winters & Sasha Rezvina on how to build up analytic sophistication across business and data functions. Find out how KNIME is used broadly to upskill individuals – getting LoB people to work with the data – and build up data-minded organizations, with a complete but centrally controlled environment for enterprise-scale applications.

Scaling Data Management for Faster & Safer Aircraft Phase-In

Speaker: Robert Vermeij (EXSYN Aviation Solutions)

Rob’s team at EXSYN, a leading industry provider of aviation solutions, scaled data management to reduce aircraft phase-in processes from 3+ weeks to a few days. “Now brain power can go into further development of next steps, next solutions, and help the aviation industry more effectively with further innovation,” says Rob. By standardizing the process, building reusable components, and giving aircraft engineers widgets in their own language, EXSYN brought back the engineer to aviation data.

Reducing Product Testing with KNIME

Speaker: Gert Jeckel (ZF Friedrichshafen AG)

End-of-Line testing is crucial to the manufacturing process as it is the last step before the product leaves the factory. “The capabilities of KNIME are a perfect fit for both in-house and external customers,” says Gert Jeckel, Senior Manager Data Analytics Test Systems at ZF, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. He talks about how the company is using advanced analytics and machine learning to build smart end-of-line test systems and reduce physical product testing significantly.

AI with Guard Rails

Speaker: Michael Berthold (KNIME)

Michael Berthold, CEO of KNIME, continues the conversation on AI and the path forward – through human-set safeguards. Hear KNIME’s take on how our AI systems will always need a bit of oversight.

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