KNIME Data Talks - Lab Data

Slides and recordings from the Data Talks on April 22, 2021.

The Value of End-to-End Lab Automation

Watch the presentation by Rob Harkness (Biosero).

How SiLA Supports Open Interoperability in the Laboratory

Watch the presentation by Patrick Courtney (SiLA Consortium).

Measurement of Cell Density with KNIME and SiLA for Cell-Culture

Watch the presentation by Michael Koeppl (Hit Discovery Constance GmbH).

Using KNIME to FAIRify Data

Watch the presentation by Alice Krebs (KNIME).

Chemometrics with KNIME – Analysis of NIR Data

Watch the presentation by Miriam Mathea (BASF SE).

Challenges in Lab Digitization Efforts (Panel Discussion)

Watch the Panel Discussion with Jeany Prinz (KNIME), Mireille Krier (Merck KGaA), Miriam Mathea (BASF SE), Michael Koeppl (Hit Discovery Constance GmbH), Patrick Courtney (SiLA Consortium), and Rob Harkness (Biosero).

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