KNIME DataHop U.S. (New York)

Talks from KNIME DataHop U.S. in New York October 24, 2023.

KNIME DataHop U.S. (New York)
KNIME Updates

Speaker: Michael Berthold (KNIME)

Michael (CEO) takes the stage to welcome all attendees and covers important KNIME updates, the value of low code for data science, GenAI trends, and the data science life cycle.

Scaling for automation and global synergies

Speaker: Hassan Jan (Fidelity Canada)

Hassan Jan, Senior Manager of Internal Audit, takes the stage to talk about how his team uses KNIME during internal audits at Fidelity, specifically to find insights, save money, automate processes, and solve major pain points.

Fireside Chat: Building to Collaboration

Host: Wali Khan (KNIME)

Speaker: Marcel Meyer (Siemens Healthineers)

Join Wali and Marcel as they discuss better ways to collaborate over data science in the workplace. They’ll discuss using KNIME to meet the growing and changing needs of business analysts, collaborating with IT for advanced analytics, and making it easy to explain complex data science work. 

Panel session: The Last Mile

Host: Rosaria Silipo (KNIME)

Panelists: Dawn Phipps (W.L Gore), Michael Richter (Hennessy Automotive Group), Charles Hersrud (Snohomish County PUD)

The panelists in this session will talk about what the last mile means to them in their job and organization. Hear how they meet the needs of their end consumers by helping them pull and analyze data faster, use actionable insights derived from data to boost business efforts, and bring proofs of concept to production.

KNIME in the Enterprise: upskilling data science with guard rails

Speaker: Jim Falgout (KNIME)

A talk about how to scale upskilling efforts within your organization. Jim talks about important ‘guardrails’ to keep in place, the value of upskilling, data science maturity, how to share expertise via KNIME Hub, and more. You’ll even get a sneak peek into upcoming KNIME Hub features.

The 7 year journey

Speaker: Jason Wertheimer (Horizon Media)

Watch this video to hear Jason, SVP of Media Technology & Data at Horizon, talk about his company's evolution with and journey using KNIME. Learn how his team uses KNIME to optimize ETL processes, eliminate inconsistencies during data cleansing, to integrate Python scripts, and more.

Accelerating Drug Discovery

Speaker: Lee Fader (Congruence Therapeutics)

Learn how Congruence Therapeutics leverages KNIME's versatile capabilities to streamline data management, analysis, and modeling during the drug discovery process. VP of Chemistry Lee Fader will dive deep into how KNIME is used for rapid deployment of cheminformatic tools to guide optimal decision making and accelerate drug discovery.

If the presentations have sparked any questions, please get in touch with one of our KNIME experts.


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