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KNIME Community Hub Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

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KNIME is committed to protecting personal data. If your organization qualifies as a legal entity and requires a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), you can sign KNIME's ready-to-use DPA here

The KNIME Community Hub DPA applies as an Addendum to:

  • KNIME AG KNIME Community Hub Terms of Use
  • KNIME AG KNIME Community Hub Team Plan Terms of Use

Please provide the following information in the DPA in order to facilitate the signature process:

  • The full name of your entity as it appears in official documents.
  • Registered Office Address (the official address of your entity's registered office)
  • Country: where your entity is registered or has its headquarters.
  • A valid address where we can contact your organization for any DPA-related communication, such as notifications of changes to subprocessors or other data processing matters.

We are here to help. For questions regarding this process, please email