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April 27, 2021 — by KNIME Team
KNIME Data Talks - Japan

On April 21-22, 2021, KNIME Data Talks - Japan streamed from Tokyo: Hosted by INFOCOM CORPORATION and Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd, this two-day online event, held in Japanese, focused on digital transformation and the subsequent importance of data science for businesses, and also provided training in using KNIME software.

Highlights of the event were the presentations Automating Data Management with KNIME for Accelerating Drug Discovery, by Shinoda Kiyotaka from Japan Tobacco Inc, and Machine Learning Automation and KNIME Tips, by Takahiro Ohshima from Infocom. Yoshihide Ota, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions gave a presentation of the KNIME software training courses at Hitachi. Satoru Hayasaka from KNIME led the What's New and Cooking Session. Over 270 attendees joined the live stream each day and took part in trainings. 

Learning the tool to “do” data science was the topic on the second day with courses offered for beginners and advanced users in KNIME software, as well as a specialized training course for IoT engineers. Attendees split into smaller groups for these sessions.

“Collaborating with Hitachi and INFOCOM to organize KNIME Data Talks - Japan has been a rewarding experience,” says Vincenzo Tursi, Partner Manager at KNIME. “The event was an excellent opportunity to establish direct discussions in Japan among data scientists and business users on the topic of digital transformation and how KNIME software helps.”

Rewatch KNIME Data Talks - Japan

The format of KNIME Data Talks focuses on providing shorter, snappier presentations better suited for an online event. There are two main KNIME Data Talks in spring and fall (which used to be the in-person KNIME Summits). Between these two main events further Data Talks are scheduled, dedicated to specific topics or localized for a specific language. Explore the Events page on the KNIME website for upcoming Data Talks.

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