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The Wisdom of the KNIME Crowd: The KNIME Workflow Coach

June 7, 2017
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Everyone who has heard of KNIME Analytics Platform knows that KNIME has nodes. Thousands of them! The resources under the Learning Hub as well as the hundreds of public examples within KNIME Analytics Platform are all designed to get you up to speed with KNIME and its nodes. But those that know best how to use KNIME nodes are KNIME users themselves. What if we could capture all their insight and experience in understanding which nodes to use when and in what order and give you a recommendation? Well that is exactly what the KNIME Workflow Coach does.

It gathers the usage data of all KNIME users who have registered to have their data collected anonymously and makes recommendations based on that data to you the user. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s take a brief look at the Workflow Coach in the following short video:

Video. The KNIME Workflow Coach in Action

In this video, we open the workflow coach and use it to build a simple machine learning workflow. And indeed since KNIME users know how to build machine learning workflows; the wisdom of the community gives us the correct sequence of nodes we need to be successful.

In the second example, we see how the Workflow coach draws on community experience for recommending the sequence of steps required to do a more complex sequence of tasks such as text mining.

All users of KNIME have access to the Workflow Coach and the wisdom of the KNIME crowd.

And organizations with KNIME Server have an extra advantage. You can set up the workflow coach so that it is using the consolidated usage wisdom of your internal KNIME experts using KNIME Server rather than the KNIME population at large.

So next time you are working in KNIME, try out the KNIME Workflow Coach!