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KNIME Software Release for Analytic Depth & Frictionless Adoption

June 15, 2022
Products & features
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Data experts know that they need every tool in their toolbox: the ability to work in any scripting language, access to all relevant data sources, and to every relevant analytic library or technique.

With today’s release, we’re reinforcing our long-held belief that an open and integrative environment is necessary for individuals and teams to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation and future proof their technology investments. Two of the biggest features released are:

  1. An improved Python integration – It’s now easier to get started coding in Python within KNIME, and it’s now possible to write KNIME extensions, completely in Python

  2. An improved Snowflake integration – Users can now build machine learning models in H2O and push the model down to Snowflake for prediction. This means faster predictions on large volumes of data, as data never leaves Snowflake.

The emphasis on extensibility is complemented by our continued focus on providing an intuitive user experience. With today’s release, you can now preview our all-new user interface. “It’s important for us to get this experience right, so we’d like the community to participate early into our development process, so we can shape the interface together,” explains Christian Birkhold, from the KNIME Product team. Our aim is to ensure users of all levels of experience get started with data science, while experts can solve complex data problems – with or without coding, per choice – as well as communicate insights with any collaborators or stakeholders.

And, please, be sure to give us feedback on the previewed UX, so we can design the best possible experience for the community.

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