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Get on Board and Navigate the Learning Options at KNIME

July 23, 2018
Data basics how-to
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There are all kinds of resources here at KNIME to learn more about using data science with our tools: KNIME Analytics Platform or KNIME Server. There are courses, website articles, Innovation Notes, YouTube videos, noding and development guidelines, our SDK Setup on Github, etc… We even have a range of ebooks! The latest one in the series is about Text Mining, for example. But how can you find out which resource is best matched to what you need to know? What if you’re the kind of person interested in more structured learning and you want to check out our course schedule? Or you live in a faraway place and there’s no course scheduled near you? Some of our courses are in a classroom with teachers, some are run online by the same teachers, and some courses involve videos recorded by these teachers. Some courses cover KNIME Analytics Platform, some KNIME Server; some cover basic functionalities, some are more advanced, some cover data analytics, some text processing, or big data. But, hold on, there… what if you work in a company that produces a lot of data and want to use data analytics to find out more about your business’s impact, but you’re not a data scientist yourself? Well, then our Innovation Notes, a small series of use cases would be good. But where are they? And what if you are a more socially inclined kind of person, you might fancy some networking opportunities and are looking for our list of meetup events or even better, the KNIME Summit?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is it hard to decide which learning option is the best for you? Maybe the flow chart below can help you navigate the different learning options, according to your needs and inclinations.