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KNIME launches enhanced global partner program

July 24, 2023
Company news
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Strengthening partner support to help customers accelerate data science adoption

Partners are a critical part of the KNIME ecosystem. Through the partnership network, KNIME can bring analytics and AI/ML capabilities to virtually any line of business or technical department.

Today, the KNIME Partner network features partners across 60+ countries with hundreds of consulting, cloud, systems integrator, and resell partners, including GSIs like Atos, PwC, and Deloitte, technology partners like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, local professional services companies like INFOCOM, Zalesia, PhData, Mydral, and many others.

To strengthen support for partners, we’ve enhanced our partner program with new tiers, higher incentives, dedicated sales support, and more.

“The new program ensures that our valued partners receive the utmost support to deliver unparalleled customer service to our joint customers,” says Vincenzo Tursi, Partner Director at KNIME.

The KNIME partner program is open to businesses of all sizes, from boutique consulting companies to large system integrators. The program is built to provide broad industry domain knowledge and expertise to understand customers’ specific business challenges. Members of the partner program expand their portfolio with KNIME software to provide the analytics at scale their customers need.

The program offers a variety of benefits to partners, including:

  • New tiered program with badges showing achievements as partners move up through the program

  • Exclusive access to materials via the Partner Portal, including education and technical enablement materials, marketing tools and sales materials, and customer success materials

  • Dedicated sales support including sales enablement resources, and deal shadowing

  • Market development activities, joint PR, self-service demand generation resources

  • Lead registration rewards: including commissions credit, sales and tech support, sales process ownership

  • Free KNIME Business Hub license for easy planning of demos plus internal, non-commercial use

  • Enhanced tiered commission plan to reward sourcing new business, assisting to generate opportunities, providing technical support, and securing customer retention

  • Lead/customer referral of KNIME leads for Business Hub and consulting services.

As KNIME continues to grow and foster its partner network, it will continue to improve and update its partner program to meet the evolving needs of its partners, customers, and the market. If you are interested in joining our growing partner ecosystem, we invite you to sign up for our partner program here.