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Run and automate workflows on KNIME Community Hub

Start scaling your insights without any IT overhead

February 15, 2024
Products & features
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Over the years, an active community has formed around the open source KNIME Analytics Platform with users learning from and collaborating on thousands of data science solutions through KNIME Community Hub. The collective knowledge of the community has helped beginners take their first steps into data science while allowing seasoned experts to get deeper into the topics and techniques they like. 

As a result, KNIME Community Hub has evolved into a versatile resource for anyone working with data – used as a free, central place to store their work, as a repository to find solution blueprints to jumpstart their projects, or as a platform to share their own knowledge and reduce the learning curve for other community members.

To help users get even more out of their data, SaaS features allow teams on KNIME Community Hub to automate analytics workflows in a few clicks, run them ad-hoc, or as data apps. These features are included in the Team plan which also offers private collaboration and versioning. Teams can rerun their workflows whenever they want to without rebuilding the whole analysis or schedule them to run at the frequency they need. Teams pay only when they run workflows and no IT setup is required.

The combination of a low-code, visual environment provided by KNIME Analytics Platform along with the ability to schedule analyses to run automatically in very few clicks on KNIME Community Hub is a huge time saver. It is a step towards removing any barrier to entry to start scaling insights. 

Teams can also start using KNIME Community Hub as a common platform for their ad hoc data science projects. It lets them adopt a scalable approach to analytics processes from the start, while allowing for easy onboarding, as team members can quickly understand and follow workflows.

Take a look at the plans included in the latest release here.