Announcing 2023 Winners of the KNIME Partner Awards

April 18, 2023 — by KNIME Team
Announcing KNIME Partner Awards: 2023 Winners

Infocom, Zalesia and InforA are the winners of the KNIME Partner, Emerging Partner, and Innovation Partner of the Year 2023 for their outstanding success and innovation.

The Partner of the Year awards recognize excellent performance by partners across business growth, customer service, training and enablement, contributions to the KNIME community and delivery of quality projects.

“We are delighted to recognize the exceptional work performed by three of our partners,” says Vincenzo Tursi, Partner Director at KNIME. “We recently introduced the Emerging Partner of the Year award to highlight the exceptional work of partners who have recently joined the KNIME Partner Program, and have demonstrated consistent expertise with KNIME’s products, and commitment to outstanding business growth and performance.

Infocom has shown outstanding success with customer growth and organizing community events, including Data Talks Japan. Zalesia has been exceptional in securing new business and has been a true ambassador for the Korean-speaking analytics community with many local events in Korea, translating resources, and publishing books about KNIME. We'd also like to highlight an innovative Fraud Detection Project solution, developed by INFORA together with Anadolu Insurance.

Congratulations to all the winners!

KNIME Partner of the Year 2023: Infocom → Read about KNIME in Japanese on the INFOCOM website.

KNIME Emerging Partner of the Year 2023: Zalesia → View the ebook, Data Preprocessing and Integrated Analysis with KNIME in Korean.

KNIME Innovation Partner of the Year 2023: InforA for their solution: Fraud Detection Project with Anadolu Insurance

Partner of the Year Ceremony 2023

Watch the Partner of the Year ceremony from KNIME Spring Summit, aired on April 17, 2023. Congratulations to Infocom, Zalesia, and InforA.

Find out more about KNIME Partners and the KNIME Partner Program KNIME Partners and the KNIME Partner Program.

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