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Announcing KNIME Business Hub

Latest KNIME Release Scales Data Science Impact

November 15, 2022
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For years, we at KNIME have witnessed the power of the community through open source. Users of KNIME Community Hub collaborate on thousands of data science solutions globally, sharing knowledge, collectively developing workflows, and integrating new tools into the open source KNIME Analytics Platform.

We’ve also seen enterprises drive value by building internal communities: Seagate embedded data analytics through a global data literacy program; Siemens trained key people to drive a data citizen approach, and proliferated access to self-service analytics; and Continental installed KNIME Server to enable collaboration and analytics reuse.

To ensure that enterprises can take advantage of the same principles that drive data learning and collaboration in the open source community, we’ve integrated KNIME Server and KNIME Hub capabilities. As of today, KNIME Hub will be available online as KNIME Community Hub, or installed into a company's private infrastructure as KNIME Business Hub.

KNIME Business Hub offers organizations a single environment where all data workers can securely collaborate and share best practices, as well as deploy and monitor their analytical workflows.

KNIME Business Hub’s key capabilities include:

  • Ease of onboarding: organizations can establish a knowledge base of solutions, building and sharing reusable workflows as a starter kit for beginners.

  • Ease of collaboration: teams can collaborate across expertises and disciplines in folder-like spaces, either publicly for the organization or privately, within their team.

  • Ease of deployment: users can easily operationalize data science and share insights across the organization as reports, services, or interactive data apps..

  • Built for scale: KNIME Business Hub’s scalable, cloud-native architecture lets teams run any number of models and deploy to any number of users, while centralizing administration and governance, all within a single environment.

Dedicated Environment, On-premise or in the Cloud

KNIME Business Hub is available in two configurations – Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Standard Edition allows organizations to set up a dedicated environment for a department with up to 3 teams. The Enterprise Edition is available to multiple departments within the organization, allowing data-driven decisioning to scale across the enterprise.

Customer-managed, KNIME Business Hub can be deployed on-premise, in the customer’s own data center, or within their private cloud.

Empowering Organizations to Scale Data Impact

Data science communities can grow organically and flourish if they are empowered with a common language – KNIME’s no-code, low-code environment – and the means to quickly share and learn from each other’s solutions–now made even easier with KNIME Hub.

“The more we enable teams to learn, reuse and adapt each other’s solutions, the faster we move towards a reality in which an organization is truly making sense of its data,” says Michael Berthold, CEO and co-founder of KNIME.