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Blend Accounting Data from Excel and Google Sheets

June 25, 2021
Data basics how-to
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Circumstances change and a company might want to upgrade the tools it uses for its data storage. For example, at some point, it might be more efficient to move the data to the cloud, to allow for scalability, backup, and collaboration.

If your company is moving its accounting sheets from locally stored Excel files to Google Sheets on Google Drive in the cloud, you can download and use the blueprint Aggregate Google and Excel Sheets for Accounting from the KNIME Hub to access the data from both sources. You can use it as it is or adapt to your own requirements. It is designed to:

  • Blend restaurant-bills data from local Excel files that were used for data storage in the past, with data in Google Sheets on Google Drive - the restaurant's new data storage solution
  • Transform the blended data for a comparison of monthly revenue and a Year To Date (YTD) revenue between two years.
  • Build a simple visualization to gain insights about the business revenue dynamics and monthly patterns, if any.
Fig. 1. This workflow blends accounting sheets for a restaurant business from an Excel file and a Google Sheet.