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July 29, 2016
Company news
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It’s 2006 and the founding team of Michael Berthold, Thomas Gabriel, Peter Ohl and Bernd Wiswedel took a moment here for this photo in between discussing who really did write the first line of code.
The very first version of KNIME Analytics Platform 1.0 was released on July 28, 2006 (and the first release t-shirt was born, sported here by Thorsten Meinl).


We move on to 2007 and our first KNIME banner is put up in KNIME yellow. 2007 also saw the releases of v1.2 and v1.3.1.


2008 was the year KNIME moved into its new offices in Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland and KNIME 2.0 was released in December. We jumped from 1.3.5 to v2.0. The most dramatic changes were made to KNIME’s core classes and the workflow engine to address future requirements such as workflow loops, flow variables and specialized port types.


The releases are traditionally celebrated with a round of sushi. This is the year 2009 and the KNIME team is waiting hungrily for it to be served having just released v2.1.0. This was when KNIME was released under GPLv3 but allowing others to use the well-defined node API to add proprietary extensions.


It was the St Nicolas release of v2.3.0 on December 6, 2010. This release focused on enhancing usability with new features such as workflow annotation, support for hotkeys, data flow switches and the ability to export KNIME workflows as SVG graphics. And we started to get better at taking pictures of our release parties – and t-shirts, modeled here by Tobias Kötter.


Summer 2011 and the livin’ is easy – especially when v2.4.0 is out and the sushi is about to be served! The new features of 2.4.0 were polished loop execution, better PMML processing and usability improvements – auto-layout, fast node insertion by double-click.


2012 – the 2.7.0 summer release and a creative photographer: if you look closely you’ll see three Michael Bertholds! Maybe he was filling in for the missing node placeholder which was added to this release, in addition to improved database support and a set of new R nodes for moving R workspaces through your flow.


2013 and another snapshot of summer sushi celebrations for the 2.9.0 release: roll in the Rule Engine node in a new dress, the new Ruleset Editor node and Rule-based Row filter and Rule-based Row Splitter nodes.


2014. After a year in San Francisco setting up the KNIME office there, we celebrated Michael’s return to Germany and release v2.11, introducing the Database Groupby and Drop Table, and new Python integration. And there was something else. Ah yes, the German football team won the World Cup :) - which the release t-shirt design team picked up on immediately!


2015. The KNIME 3.0 early access release came out with a restructured and clarified design – a totally new look and feel.


July 8, 2016 is the date of our latest 3.2.0 release featuring smarter analytics and seeing KNIME commercial products taking to the skies, with KNIME Cloud Analytics Platform. And July 28 marks a decade of KNIME Analytics Platform: 10 years of innovation and predicting many more!

P.S. Check out our latest post dedicated to KNIME anniversary "10 years of KNIME, 10 years of innovation", if you haven't already!