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5th KNIME Users Group Meeting and Workshops - Zurich

- - Technopark, Zurich, Switzerland

Following our very successful user meeting and workshops in 2011, we will be holding a similar event in 2012. The 5th KNIME Workshop and Users Meeting will take place between January 30 and February 3, 2012 at Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland. It will be an excellent opportunity for people to meet other KNIME users, learn how KNIME is used in different industries and how it is applied to solve various data analysis, data integration and reporting problems.

We are excited to announce an interesting week of events, beginning with our interactive user and reporting training sessions on Monday and Tuesday, then moving on to the highlight of the week: a general session on Wednesday and a life science meeting on Thursday.

The program planned for these two days focuses on KNIME and KNIME's enterprise products, takes a look at what is bubbling in the KNIME Labs for the future and provides space for talks about applications all around KNIME, while our life science meeting as well as partner and community sessions provide a great opportunity to hear about what other people are doing with KNIME and to network.

The week concludes on Friday with training sessions run by our partners and the KNIME team. If you are interested in learning more about the very core of KNIME, join the developer training on Monday and Tuesday, February 6th and 7th.

Have we sparked your interest?

There is an early bird discount for registrations before January 15. Please also make sure you have your hotel reserved.

The KNIME team.


Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 30 and 31: KNIME User and Reporting Training

The KNIME User and Reporting Training session is an ideal opportunity for beginners, advanced users and KNIME experts to be introduced to KNIME, to learn how to use it more effectively, and how to create clear, comprehensive reports based on KNIME workflows. Please visit the details about the training which will take place in room Fortan; please see the agenda.

Wednesday, Feb. 1: KNIME General Meeting

  • Registration & Breakfast: 09:00-10:00
  • KNIME Session: 10:00-12:00
    • Welcome and Introduction, Michael Berthold (KNIME)
    • What's new in KNIME desktop and server, Bernd Wiswedel (KNIME)
    • What's cooking in KNIME development labs, Thomas Gabriel (KNIME)
  • Lunch Break: 12:00-13:00
  • KNIME Applications: 13:00-15:00
    • Featured Talk: Big Data and KNIME, Mike Hoskins (Pervasive)
    • Automating Customer Analytics with KNIME - 3 Case Studies, Stefan Weingärtner (Dymatrix)
    • KNIME used in integrated Operations and Economics Research, Forecasting and Budgeting, Marc Richter (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market ESS - Research)
    • Understanding the modern Guest with KNIME, Claudio Ferrari (Grand Casino Luzern)
  • Afternoon Break: 15:00-15:30
  • KNIME Partner Session: 15:30-16:30
    • Actuate, Zementis, Pervasive
  • KNIME and Social Media Analysis: 16:30-18:00
    • KNIME and Social Media Analytics, Phil Winters (KNIME)
    • KNIME Network Analysis, Tobias Kötter (Uni Konstanz)
    • KNIME Text Mining, Kilian Thiel (Uni Konstanz)
  • KNIME Networking Apero: ~18:00-19:00
  • KNIME UGM Dinner: 19:00-22:00


Thursday, Feb. 2: KNIME Life Science Meeting

  • Registration & Breakfast: 08:00-09:00
  • KNIME Applications in Life Science I: 9:00-12:30
    • Workflow Mining: Identification of frequent patterns in large collection of KNIME workflows, Nils Weskamp (Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach)
    • How KNIME can empower a Medicinal Chemist at the bench to a multifaceted approach to Drug Discovery, Simon Richards (Eli Lilly, UK)
    • Workflow Environment for SDI at Sanofi, Thorsten Naumann (Sanofi, Frankfurt)
  • Morning Break: 10:30-11:00
  • KNIME Applications in Life Science II: 11:00-12:30
    • Extending the Medicinal Chemist's Tool Box: Applications of KNIME at Evotec, Mike Mazanetz and Bob Marmon (Evotec, UK)
    • KNIME in NIBR: Stories from Industry, Greg Landrum (Novartis, Basel)
    • Multiple usage of KNIME in a screening laboratory environment, Marc Bickle (MPI Dresden)
  • Lunch Break: 12:30-13:30
  • KNIME Partner Session: 13:30-15:00
    • Schrödinger, Jean-Christophe Mozziconacci
    • Chemical Computing Group, Guido Kirsten
    • ChemAxon/Infocom, Attila Szabó and Takahiro Ohshima
    • Tripos, Fabian Bös
    • BioSolveIT, Holger Claußen
    • Molegro, Rene Thomson
    • Korilog, Patrick Durand
    • PerkinElmer, Björn Loeprecht
    • Cresset, Tim Cheeseright
  • Afternoon Break: 15:00-15:30
  • KNIME Image Analytics: 15:30-16:30
    • Image Mining Applications, Jürgen Reymann (BioQuant, Heidelberg)
    • Image Processing with KNIME (KNIP), Christian Dietz and Martin Horn (INCIDE, Uni Konstanz)
  • KNIME Community Session: 16:30-18:00
    • KNIME Community Overview, Thomas Gabriel (KNIME)
    • RDKit, Greg Landrum (Novartis, Basel)
    • Erlwood, Mike Bodkin (Eli Lilly, UK)
    • Indigo, Mikhail Rybalkin (GGA Software)
    • Next Generation Sequencing, Bernd Jagla (Institute Pasteur)
    • HCS-Tools and Scripting Integrations, Antje Niederlein (MPI Dresden)
    • Palladian, Philipp Katz (University of Dresden)
    • CDK, Stephan Beisken (European Bioinformatics Institute)
  • KNIME Networking Apero: ~18:00-20:00

Friday, Feb. 3: KNIME Partner, Community and Labs Workshops: 9:00-15:00

Mix & Match: Your meeting registration includes training sesssions from our partners, the community and the KNIME team. Registration and Breakfast takes place between 08:00 and 09:00 in the room Modula, 2. floor.

KNIME Workshop Program Overview
  Room 1:
2. floor
Room 2:
Newton 1010,
1. floor
Room 3:
Newton 1009,
1. floor
Room 4:
Newton 1012,
1. floor
Room "C":
2. floor

Registration and Breakfast: Room Modula, 2. floor


  9:00-10:30 KNIME Image Processing KNIME Text Processing ChemAxon /Infocom HCA-Tools & Scripting Molegro

Coffee Break: Room: Modula, 2. floor


11:00-12:30 KNIME Image Processing KNIME Text Processing Schrödinger RDKit/Erlwood/Indigo BioSolveIT

Lunch Break, Room: Modula, 2. floor


13:30-15:00 KNIME Image Processing KNIME Network Analysis   RDKit/Erlwood/Indigo Tripos



  • KNIME Network Analysis, Tobias Kötter (Uni Konstanz)
  • KNIME Image Processing (KNIP), Christian Dietz and Martin Horn (INCIDE Uni Konstanz)
  • KNIME Text Processing, Kilian Thiel (Uni Konstanz)

KNIME Partner

KNIME Community

  • RDKit, Greg Landrum (Novartis) Erlwood, Simon Richards (El Lilly) Indigo, Mikhail Rybalkin (GGA Software)
  • HCS-Tools and Scripting Integrations, Antje Niederlein (MPI Dresden)


Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 6 and 7: KNIME Developer Training

During this course you will be given a comprehensive overview of the KNIME architecture and can learn how to extend KNIME by programming your own custom nodes. Please visit the details about the training and register here.