KNIME Product Matrix

KNIME AG provides the open source KNIME® Analytics Platform as well as commercial Collaboration and Performance Extensions.


    KNIME Collaborative Extensions
Functionality KNIME Analytics Platform KNIME TeamSpace KNIME Server Lite KNIME WebPortal KNIME Server
Complete Analytics Functionality (all 1000+ Nodes)          
Data Volume No Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits
Memory Size No Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits No Limits
Metanode Template Repository   Shared Shared Shared Shared
Linked Metanodes   Shared Shared Shared Shared
Automatic Metanode Updating   Shared Shared Shared Shared
Locking of Metanodes          
Encrypting of Metanodes          
Encrypting of Metanodes (Usage)          
Custom Node Repository          
Custom Node Repository (Usage)          
Workflow Sharing          
User Authentication     Basic Basic Advanced
Remote Execution          
Scheduled Execution          
KNIME WebPortal          
Web Service API Support          
Workflow Versioning          
Automatic Upgrade Notification if registered        
Automatic Upgrade Procedure          
Technical Support Online/Forum Online/Forum Online/Forum Online/Forum Contact KNIME
Your license fee supports future KNIME Open Source Development   yes yes yes yes
Annual License Fee Open Source and Free 2'000€
per user
for 5 users
for 5 users
for 5 users*
  Download For more information or *larger deployments
contact us /



KNIME Performance Extensions

Designed to integrate your advanced hardware and infrastructure capabilities for even better KNIME performance.