Metadata Mapping


Extracting all Workflow Metadata

Creating an external documentation trail of workflows is an important part of being able to comply with data governance requirements. In order to satisfy compliance policies you need to be able to know exactly what is involved in each step of your analysis process - where the data comes from, how it moves through the workflow, and how it is transformed.

KNIME workflows have always been self documenting. Now, the workflow summary surfaces all that self-documenting information in either a JSON or XML format so that it can be used for external documentation purposes. 

Use the workflow summary feature to map your workflow metadata: Extract and export every single detail about your workflows out of KNIME - from execution, execution environment and times, individual node settings through to the data being accessed and written. Sample workflows show how to create both summary reports as well as interactively explore the workflow summary data. In combination with KNIME Server and the WebPortal this process can be automated and made interactive.

Document and Explore Workflow Metadata

Use metadata mapping in the following typical scenarios:

  • Archive for compliance with internal and governance requirements
  • Enable interactive exploration and reporting
  • Automate documentation and reporting with KNIME Server

How it's Done

KNIME Analytics Platform users can take advantage of the workflow summary via the File dropdown menu. To capture all runtime information, make sure that the workflow you wish to document has been executed and saved. While within that workflow, go to FILE > Export > Workflow Summary (JSON/XML). You can specify a location for the workflow summary metadata as well as the format, either JSON or XML. And that’s it - the complete summary is captured. Sample workflows that decode the workflow summary save in XML show you how to do this.

Workflows stored on KNIME Server can have their metadata automatically stored. An authorized user can collect all data and interactively explore them via the KNIME WebPortal.

All example workflows use the analyze workflow summary component to decode the XML. As always with KNIME, the workflows and the component can be changed and extended to suit the needs of your organization.


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