KNIME UGM 2011 Summary

The 4th KNIME Workshop and Users Meeting at Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland took place between February 28th and March 4th, 2011 and was a huge success.

The meeting was very well attended by more than 130 participants. The presentations ranged from customer intelligence and applications of KNIME in soil and fuel research through to high performance data analytics and KNIME applications in the Life Science industry. The second meeting of the special interest group attracted more than 50 attendees and was filled with talks about how KNIME can be put to use in this fast growing research area. Below you can find the presentations.

The KNIME team.

Wednesday Mar. 2 - KNIME Users Meeting Day 1

Session 1: KNIME Updates from the KNIME team

Welcome and Introduction
  Michael Berthold, KNIME
KNIME Today: New Features of Version 2.3
  Bernd Wiswedel, KNIME
KNIME Labs – See What’s Cooking
  Thomas Gabriel, KNIME

Session 2: KNIME Applications

Keynote Real-World Advanced Customer Intelligence
   Phil Winters, Peppers & Rogers Group
The use of KNIME in the development of IR-based indices of soil condition across landscapes
   Tor Vagen, World Agroforestry Centre
Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Dimensional and Geo Related Fuel Survey Data with KNIME
   Alexander Warta, Robert Bosch GmbH
Survey Data Collection
   Rosaria Silipo,  bizzeps AG
Pervasive DataRush: Parallel data analysis with KNIME
   Jim Falgout, Pervasive Software
Next Generation Data Mining - Data Mining Automation & Realtime-Scoring “on-the-cloud”
   Stefan Weingärtner, Dymatrix Consulting Group, Mike Zeller, Zementis


Thursday Mar 3 - KNIME Users Meeting Day 2

Session 3: Life Science

KNIME as a platform for distributed molecular property predictions
   Nils Weskamp, Boehringer Ingelheim
A stitch in KNIME saves nine: Strategies for design in medicinal chemistry
   Michael Bodkin, Eli Lilly
Primetime for KNIME: Towards an integrated analysis and visualization environment for RNAi screening data
   Oliver Gathmann, Cenix BioSciences
KNIME and Next Generation Sequencing: From data cleansing to systems biology
   Bernd Jagla, Institute Pasteur
KNIME: Applications in Structure-Based Drug Design at Evotec
   Michael Mazanetz, Evotec
KNIME workflow for chemoinformatics tasks at Angelini
   Candida Manelfi, Angelini Research Center

Session 4: Partner Session

KNIME Life Science Partners
Schrödinger, CambridgeSoft, Tripos, Infocom, Symyx, ChemAxon, BioSolveIT, Chemical Computing Group, Cresset, Cloud Broker        

Session 5: KNIME Community Session  

The RDKit: open-source cheminformatics (now for KNIME too!)
   Greg Landrum, Novartis NIBR        
KNIME Nodes - Precompetitive Computational Medicinal Chemistry
   Michael Bodkin, Eli Lilly        
Scripting without Scripts: A User-Friendly Integration of R, Python, Matlab and Groovy into KNIME
   Felix Meyenhofer, MPI Dresden
Announcement of the free Marvin Structure Renderer and Editor
   Nora Lapusnyik ChemAxon, Shunichi Ozawa Infocom  

Friday Mar. 4 - SIG High Content Analytics

Session 1: HCA applications and challenges for workflow systems

Image Analysis and Data Mining for HCS of Cytoskeletal Rearrangements
  Maria Montoya Sanchez, CNIC
Automatic localization, tracking and classification of dividing cells in live cell movies
  Christian Dietz, University of Konstanz
siRNA Infection Screen: Pitfalls & Promises
  Roger Meier, ETH Zurich
Challenges for High Content Analysis of Infectious Diseases
  Nathalie Aulner, Pasteur Institute
Host cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection. siRNA Screen for host proteins involved in NFκB and ERK activation
  Andre Maeuer, MPIIB Berlin

Session 2: KNIME HCA Extensions

Overview New Image Processing Plugin
  Martin Horn, KoRS-CB University of Konstanz
Screen Mining with KNIME
  Martin Stöter, MPI Dresden
KNIME Bioinformatics Extensions
  Karol Kozak, ETH Zurich

Session 3: Informatics models for HCA

High Content Imaging and Flow Cytometry with Phaedra: can we integrate with KNIME?
  Frans Cornelissen, TIBBE, Johnson & Johnson
High-content screening and data pipelines
  Jürgen Reymann, Bioquant
Columbus: Introducing universal integrated image data management and analysis for High Content Screening
  Martin Daffertshofer, PerkinElmer
iBRAIN: single-cell analysis of high-throughput screens
  Berend Snijder, Uni Zurich


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