KNIME Training August 2010

KNIME User, Reporting and Developer Training in Zurich on August 9-13, 2010 at the KNIME Office in Zurich Switzerland is hosting a complete set of KNIME training session at the new KNIME office in the Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland on August 9-13, 2010.

This is an ideal opportunity for beginners, advanced user or KNIME Experts to get an introduction to KNIME and learn how to use it more effectively, how to create comprehensive reports or to get the real deep insight into KNIME.

Course Dates

Date Days Training
August 9.+10. Monday, Tuesday KNIME User Training
August 11. Wednesday KNIME Reporting Training
August 12.+13. Thursday, Friday Developer Training

Course Fees

Course Price
UserTraining €1'500
Reporting Training €750
Developer Training €1'500
User + Reporting Training €2'000
User + Developer Training €2'500
User + Reporting + Developer Training €3'000


Please review the terms and conditions for public workshops.

To register for this training please send a mail to the following address.

User Training Topics

KNIME Overview

Installation & Update, Workbench, Node Repository Overview, Views and Hiliting

Data Preprocessing

Overview Data Manipulation Nodes, Simple to Advanced Preprocessing

Ports & Database Nodes

Port Concept, Database Ports and Connections

Time Series Package

Date-Time Type Intro, node overview and functionalities

Data Mining in KNIME

Module Overview, Learner & Predictor Concept, Feature Elimination, Cross-Validation

R-Integration / Weka Integration

R Nodes, Weka Learner and Predictor

Scripting Nodes

Scripting with Java Snippet, Python, and Math Formulas nodes

Loops & Flow Variables I & II

Introduction to flow variables, overview of workflow loops

Batch Execution

Workflow Import/Export, batch mode for headless workflow execution (without GUI)

Report Training Topics

KNIME Reporting Overview & Introduction

KNIME Reporting Extension, Installation Update, KNIME vs. Reporting Perspective

Report Design I

BIRT's reporting functionality, Report Creation and Execution to generate reporting documents

Report Design II

Report Creation using Flow Variables to generate flexible reports

Developer Training Topics

KNIME Architecture Overview

Plugin Concept, Framework Overview, Extension Mechanism

New Node Extension Wizard

KNIME Core classes, Node registration, runtime parameters

Data Handling I

DataTable and Data Types

Dialog and Settings

Dialog Components, Node Settings

Data Handling II

Data Container and Advanced Data Handling

Loop Support

Looping Nodes using Loop Variables

Node View*

Basics, Internals, Hiliting

Plug-in Deployment

Build a deployable plug-in


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