KNIME Server

Productionizing data science applications and services.
KNIME Server
KNIME Server

KNIME Server is the enterprise software for team based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows, data, and guided analytics. Non experts are given access to data science via KNIME WebPortal or can use REST APIs to integrate workflows as analytic services to applications and IoT systems.

Collaborate in teams
Collaborate in teams

Share ​expertise and best practices by sharing data, metanodes, and workflows across your team and company.

Comply with data protection policies through the control of access management at the data, workflow, and application levels.

Reproduce data science by ​recording workflow revisions along with the data, enabling debugging, tracking, and auditing.

Automate workflow execution
Automate workflow execution

Schedule workflows to run automatically ​and give yourself more time to focus on data science.

Control workflows​ to automate model ​management​.

Scale workflow execution via well provisioned, high performance server architecture which is configured to your specifications.

Design, modify and execute workflows on KNIME Server using the Remote Workflow Editor and take advantage of well provisioned hardware in a secure environment.

Deploy Applications and Services
Deploy applications and services

Bring complex data science to business analysts ​with WebPortal. Data scientists build and deploy a workflow to KNIME Server. End users interact with the workflow in the web in a controlled way and view results.

Build and publish detailed reports ​which can be sent via email or accessed on demand from WebPortal.

Deploy workflows as industry standard web services seamlessly from KNIME workflows via REST API, and build out your data science infrastructure.

Manage and monitor
Manage and monitor

Host KNIME Server in your data center or in the cloud ​via Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or the cloud provider of your choice.

Integrate authentication ​with corporate LDAP / Active Directory setups and manage permissions.

Monitor server activity and manage ongoing services in the AdminPortal.

IT operations via central management of settings for multiple KNIME Analytics Platform installations.

KNIME Software in the Cloud

KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server available on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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