KNIME Extensions

Fast, flexible way to extend your data science platform.
KNIME Extensions
KNIME Extensions

Open source extensions for KNIME Analytics Platform are developed and maintained by KNIME and provide additional functionalities such as access to and processing of complex data types, as well as the addition of advanced machine learning algorithms.


Integrate data from Amazon Athena and Redshift, H2, Hive, Impala, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Vertica, and many more.

Add additional connectors conveniently ​for JDBC-compliant databases.

Organize complex SQL statements visually and meaningfully using the visual programming paradigm in KNIME.

Mix and match ​in-database processing workflows with native KNIME nodes and big data infrastructures, including Apache Spark.

Text Processing
Text processing

Load documents from a variety of formats​ including PDF, Docx, Doc, PubMed, DML, and more.

Enrich textual data ​with named entity recognition and tagging.

Filter and manipulate terms​ to identify and remove stop words, numbers, punctuations, etc. Compute term frequencies for additional filtering functionality.

Extract numerical descriptions ​from documents​ ​using a variety of methods (Word2Vec, Document Hashing, etc) to apply machine learning on documents.

Find relations in networks
Find relations in networks

Extract information from attributed graphs such as social networks, co-authorship networks, and so on.

Handle large networks with nodes to create, generate, manipulate, analyze, and visualize these networks.

Inspect networks interactively and the sending and receiving of networks to and from external programs.


Compare different versions of your workflows ​to ​accurately identify any changes.

Organize reusable parts of workflows ​into metanodes and save to your local workspace. Reuse as desired and keep them in sync across workflows.

Orchestrate and automate local workflows by calling workflows from workflows, adding another layer of flexibility to your toolkit.

KNIME Extensions - Fast, flexible way to extend your data science platform.
And more...

Send requests to REST services and integrate their responses into a workflow.

Import and export PMML models for high performance scoring and guaranteed reusability. You can even combine them to create complex ensembles.

Process, analyze, and forecast time series data with moving average, ARIMA, window functions, and more.

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