KNIME Server Lite

For collaboration and deployment of KNIME® throughout an organization, AG has developed KNIME Server to extend KNIME Analytics Platform with advanced collaborative features. And yet some organizations prefer to start with more focus, drawing on those collaboration features that are most needed by a small or medium size organization. If that is the case, KNIME Server Lite is for you.

KNIME Server Lite, like KNIME TeamSpace, enables you to store your workflows and access them from anywhere in your company. In addition, KNIME Server Lite provides basic user access rights to control how data are grouped for projects, workgroups or departments. You can run your workflows by scheduling them or submitting them remotely. In addition, you can create batch reports.

KNIME Server Lite has a one-click install as well as an easy administrative setup structure, all designed to get KNIME up and running quickly across your organization.

KNIME Server Lite Features

  • Basic user authentication & user rights
  • Remote & scheduled execution
  • Report generation
  • Shared workflow repository
  • Shared data space
  • Shared metanodes
  • Priority product updates

KNIME Server Lite can also be licensed with KNIME WebPortal. And – as with all AG commercial extensions – part of your license fee funds the continued development of open source KNIME.

You can upgrade to KNIME Server at any time.

Please have a look at the product overview to compare KNIME Server Lite to other KNIME collaborative offerings.

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