KNIME meetups in Munich: a summary

Recently, KNIME was in Munich - pre-Octoberfest - for two meetups: one hosted together with our trusted partner GEMMACON, and another - an internal Siemens-wide meetup. Both events had a great response and lots of participants asked us when the next meetups in Munich would be. Here is a quick summary of these events:

KNIME Meetup with GEMMACON: September 11, 2019

This event started with a pre-meetup workshop “Getting Started with KNIME Analytics Platform”. After a short introduction, people started building their first workflow, which was a great opportunity for all the newbie KNIMErs to really try things out and ask specific questions. The workshop was followed by three presentations - the first being “Automated Retrieval of Market & Competitive Information using KNIME” by Matthias Stephan from Siemens. After an introduction to how KNIME Analytics Platform is used at Siemens, he presented two use cases showing how KNIME can be used to replace repetitive tasks using web crawling and text mining. GEMMACON was up next with an ETL use case, and Kathrin Melcher from KNIME wrapped up the meetup with a presentation on anomaly detection with machine learning. Over thirty people attended and, whilst most attendees knew KNIME already, they were happy learning about new tips & tricks such as the node monitor. The lively networking session at the end was a nice way to round off the evening.

Siemens Meetup: September 12, 2019

On Thursday we joined a full-day, internal meetup, which was organized by the Siemens DataVisions team, together with Robotic Land. Around 70 people from various organizations at Siemens attended the meetup. In the morning, we had four parallel tracks, where those who already knew KNIME could either:

  • Attend the introductory session for getting started with KNIME Analytics Platform
  • Take the KNIME certification
  • Learn more about KNIME Server and take part in the open floor discussion
  • Join the ‘Bring Your Own Data’ session to get help on specific projects

The afternoon sessions were all about demonstrating how KNIME is being used at Siemens. Two use cases were shared - one on calculating bonuses and the other on developing business plans. The internal digitalization platform was also presented, which hosts tutorials and use cases and provides a platform for connecting and collaborating. Read the article all about this particular event in the post “Five Takeaways from the First KNIME Meetup@Siemens” by Matthias Stephan, Team Lead, Data Visions, Digital Industries, at Siemens.

We are already looking forward to future KNIME events in Munich. Look out for these at


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