What's New in KNIME 2.12 - Training Webinar

- Online: Hangout on Air

Would you like to learn more about our new MongoDB integration, our extended JSON processing, the new JavaScript-ing node, the new Timer nodes, the KNIME Server REST Interface and more improvements to our commercial products or see some of the changes we've made to the GUI?

Then join the KNIME Team to find out more about all the new functionality in KNIME 2.12 during a live session at 6 PM (CET) on September 15 on Hangout on Air:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD0iqWVVuA4

Do you have burning questions or suggestions for the webinar?

Is there anything about the features of KNIME 2.12 you would like to know more about or would you like us to address a specific topic during the webinar? If yes, please send an email to heather.fyson@knime.com

In the meantime you can see read about the new features and nodes here: https://tech.knime.org/whats-new-in-knime-212