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This bootcamp will be held in English.

This bootcamp is designed for current high school students, and you are only eligible to register if you are currently in high school in your country.

In this week-long, hands-on bootcamp you will learn basic data analytics concepts. You will learn best practices for handling data while building a data app game around song lyrics. For this bootcamp we will be using KNIME Analytics Platform, a visual programming tool for data science. No coding experience is needed. Data scientists from KNIME will guide you throughout the course.

Curriculum Overview

In the morning, the instructors will introduce concepts for the day - with some learning materials. In the afternoon, you will work in teams to develop a game app, with word clouds and game statistics. You will be split into teams on Day 1, and your team will compete against other teams to produce the best game app. The top 3 teams will be awarded Spotify vouchers.

Day 1: Read - Getting your data ready

Day 2: Display - Visualizing your data

Day 3: Control - Creating an app with widgets

Day 4: Loop - Automating repeated processes

Day 5: Play - Demonstrating your app




How can I sign up for this bootcamp?

Please fill out the application online. Upon submission, if your application is successful, we will review your application and will contact you with additional information for registration. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all applications since only a limited number of spots are available at the bootcamp.

Do I need permission from my parents to attend the bootcamp?

Part of the application form needs to be filled by a parent or a legal guardian.

What do I need to participate in this bootcamp?

 A computer with a video conferencing capability (camera, microphone, speaker/headphone), with reliable internet connection.

Are there any specific software packages required?

You will need KNIME Analytics Platform, freely available for download on the web. You will need Zoom installed on your computer to participate in Zoom sessions.

Can I get a certificate of attendance/completion of this bootcamp?

Yes. You will get a certificate of attendance.

I just graduated from high school this year. Can I attend this bootcamp?

Congratulations on finishing your high school and wish you good luck with your college or professional careers. This bootcamp is designed for students who are currently in high school. There are other suitable learning opportunities for you, such as self-paced courses and online courses .

I am starting high school this year. Can I attend this bootcamp?

Yes, this bootcamp is a great learning opportunity for you!

In order to participate in this bootcamp, I will have to miss school. Can you provide me with a letter explaining that I will miss school because I will be attending this bootcamp?

Of course! Please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with such a letter.

English is not my native language and I am worried that my English is not good enough for this bootcamp. What level of English is required to participate in this bootcamp?

You need to be able to follow simple verbal or written instructions. The instructors are aware that participants may have different language capabilities, and will repeat or rephrase instructions if necessary.

I may not be familiar with some of the technical terms used during the bootcamp. Are there any resources available?

We will provide a glossary of data-related terms. If English is not your native language, then you will be able to look up the corresponding terms in your language.


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