Power up KNIME with the Cloud - KNIME Meetup in San Francisco April 2017

- Microsoft Reactor, San Francisco, CA

This meetup is all about using KNIME in the Cloud. We will cover KNIME Analytics Platform, and KNIME Server with Big Data Extensions.

If you need a KNIME installation intermittently, for a limited period of time, or on a high-powered machine - for example one with a big GPU to do some deep learning - you might want to try KNIME on the Cloud.

There will be two talks at this meetup:

Rafael Godinho (Microsoft) will show how to deploy KNIME on Azure together with a number of additional and potentially useful resources, such as HDInsight, BlobStorage, and similar others.

Greg Landrum (KNIME) will show an analysis on a big data dataset, stored in HDInsight, and processed via Hive and Spark. Greg will also show how to connect to BlobStorage, SQL Server, and other tools of the Microsoft family.

This meetup is open to everybody interested in KNIME, in the cloud, in data science, or in big data.


  • 18:00 Guest arrivals
  • 18:30 "KNIME on Azure: marketplace & deployment" - Rafael Godinho, Microsoft
  • 19:00 "KNIME on Azure: power up your workflows with big data" - Greg Landrum, KNIME
  • 19:30 Networking over drinks & snacks
  • 20:30 End of event