KNIME Server Webinar (Online Training) - July 2013

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Thank you for attending the "KNIME Server" Webinar.

Download the Webinar Data, Workflows, and Slides!

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-- The KNIME Team


This free webinar will bring you a few more information on how to develop, share, and run KNIME workflows in a more professional enterprise-based structure.

Attendees will learn how to exchange workflows and data between the server and the client, how to take advantage of the many server-dedicated nodes and features, how to set access rights, how to share meta-nodes, how to execute workflows remotely and from the WebPortal, and how to schedule report and workflow executions.

Training Content

   The KNIME Workflow from Development to Production

Workflow Development

   Developing with Quickform Nodes
   Linking Meta-Nodes

Workflow Production

   Exchanging Workflows and Data between Desktop and Server
   Set Access Rights

Workflow Execution

    Remote from Desktop
    Via Scheduling Tool
    Remote from KNIME WebPortal



Time: 18:00 (Central Europe)

Duration: 1 hour (+ time for questions)

Cost: None



We are looking forward to meeting you at your KNIME Server Webinar.

The KNIME Team.