KNIME Open Source Days 2011

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During the first week of October the first KNIME Open Source Days (KOS Days) hosted by the university of Konstanz took place in Konstanz. Inspired by the continously growing number of projects in the Community Contributions we believed it was time to bring together the KNIME Open Source developers for a week of mutual programming, discussions, and presentations.

We invited all programmers that have already contributed open source extensions to KNIME or plan to do so in the near future (please note that this is not a developers training, participants should already have a basic knowledge about writing KNIME extension). The primary goal of the KOS Days was to develop existing projects further in open programming sessions. During the whole week some of the KNIME Core developers were be around and assisted with tricky problems and gave hints for improvements. They were also providing insights into the KNIME architecture and ongoing developments. Each community project shortly presented itself to the rest of the community. There was alsp plenty of time for discussions about needs and wishes from the community.

The event was sponsored by and the university.


Dates & Program

The KOS Days were taking place from Tuesday, Oct 4th until Friday, Oct 7th.

  Tue 4th Wed 5th Thu 6th Fri 7th
09:30-09:45 Welcome & Introduction of the KNIME team HCS Tools (ETH) RDKit (Chemoinformatics Library) KNIME Image Processing

CADD and generic nodes

10:15-10:30 Happy hacking Happy hacking Happy hacking
10:30-12:30 Happy hacking
12:30-13:30 Lunch at the Villa Lunch at Seerhein Lunch at the Villa Lunch at Seerhein

CDK& Mass Spectrometry

Palladian (web information retrieval) Erl Wood Chemoinformatics Galaxy-KNIME integration
14:15-15:15 Happy hacking Happy hacking Happy hacking Happy hacking
15:15-16:00 Indigo
16:00-17:00 Happy hacking

KNIME Testing framework

Noding guidelines

KNIME Textprocessing

KNIME Network Analysis

HCS Tools and Scripting
19:00 Dinner at Brauhaus Dinner at Il Boccone Dinner at Hafenmeisterei  

The KOS Days were at the Villa Rheinburg which lies directly at the Seerhein.

Material (password protected, for community developers only)