Austin - Hands-on Training to Data Mining with KNIME - Jan 2015

- AT&T Conference Center 1900 University Avenue Austin, 78705

This course will cover how to use KNIME for data loading, integration, preprocessing, analysis and visualization.

Bring your own laptop in order to follow the hands-on parts of the course. All Training materials will be included on a USB stick.


    Introduction to KNIME
    Data Reading and Preprocessing w/ Hands-On
    Data Manipulation and Aggregation w/ Hands-On
    Visualization w/ Hands-On
    Training Predictive Models w/ Hands-On
    Model Selection and Validation w/ Hands-On
    Control Constructs: Looping and Switching w/ Hands-On
    Reporting in KNIME w/ Hands-On
    Walk Through of Example Workflows: Next Best Offer, Text&Network Mining, a.o.
    Q&A Session.

Registrations are available via Eventbrite.

For more details about the program, check the Eventbrite page.

The KNIME Team.