Walk Around the KNIME Hub - Backstage with the Developers

October 29, 2020 - Online

Join the developers behind the KNIME Hub on a tour that takes you behind the scenes!

At this free webinar you’ll get to know the people who developed the KNIME Hub. You’ll learn about the range of KNIME Hub functionality, get explanations, and also links to resources. In the second part of the webinar, the Hub team will look at how KNIME Hub is now integrated into KNIME Analytics Platform, discuss more recently added features, and look ahead to what’s on the horizon in terms of future development.

Anything else? We want to know what kinds of functionality you’d like to see in the future. Tell us what’s on your KNIME Hub wish list!

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re already using KNIME Hub, want to learn more, and have a wish list of items you think would be great to add to the KNIME Hub
  • You’re interested to find out if this might be the platform you’ve been looking for to collaborate with others


  • Meet the KNIME Hub Team (who they are and how they work)
  • Back to basics - KNIME Hub fundamentals
  • Out now: latest features of KNIME Hub
  • What’s on your wishlist?


How do I join the webinar?

You’ll receive a zoom link with your registration confirmation. Make sure you have a stable internet connection!

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, we will have a Q&A and we'll do our best to answer these at the end of the webinar.

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of knime here: knime.com/download

What other resources will help me to get started in KNIME?
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