KNIME Server Features and Pricing

KNIME Server Small is designed for small teams, enabling them to exchange workflows and execute them remotely. KNIME Server Medium enables additional KNIME WebPortal consumers to use workflows within KNIME Analytics Platform via the browser, and includes the REST API. KNIME Server Large allows multiple installations as well as unlimited WebPortal consumers and is intended for larger teams needing to collaborate across business units or across the globe. Consumers are given access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal and REST API. In contrast to a consumer, a licensed user logs in to KNIME Server via KNIME Analytics Platform to upload, manage, and deploy workflows. Here is a detailed list of KNIME Server features and the cost of a KNIME Server license.


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  KNIME Server Small KNIME Server Medium KNIME Server Large
Share workflows and control access rights      
Upload and share components to enable users to reuse most common functionalities      
Encrypt metanodes to secure content and protect intellectual property      
Customize the node repository to ease use and ensure compliance      
Execute workflows on the server or on a cluster      
Schedule a workflow or report to be executed at a certain time, or periodically      
Modify and execute workflows on KNIME Server to take advantage of well provisioned hardware in a secure environment      
Scale workflow execution to multiple machines using distributed executors      
Execute big data workflows remotely. Enables access to Apache Hadoop and Spark from KNIME workflows      
Create and deploy Guided Analytics      
Deploy workflows via the REST API to allow access from other applications      
Number of consumers with access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal Licensed users only 4x licensed users Unlimited consumers
Manage user credentials locally for smaller teams      
Create workflow snapshots and compare to previous versions      
Monitor server activity (running and scheduled jobs), adjust permissions, manage ongoing services      
IT operations via central management of settings for multiple KNIME Analytics Platform installations and customizations in order to adhere to corporate identities      
Integrate authentication with corporate LDAP / Active Directory setups and manage permissions      
Annual Subscription including support
(example price based on 5 users and 8 cores)

KNIME Server for Azure
KNIME Server for AWS

25.000 EUR
29,000 USD
45.500 EUR
52,000 USD


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