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KNIME Server is the enterprise software for putting your data science workflows into production. KNIME Server compliments KNIME Analytics Platform by offering additional features such as the ability to share expertise and best practices across teams and the wider company, better comply with data protection policies, automatically schedule workflows, scale workflow execution, deploy analytical applications and services, manage and monitor services and operations, and more.


Feature and Description KNIME Server Small KNIME Server Medium KNIME Server Large
  Small teams, exchange and execute workflows remotely. Use workflows via the browser. Access to REST API. Large teams, multiple installations, global collaboration.
Share workflows and control access rights      
Upload and share components to enable users to reuse most common functionalities      
Customize the node repository to ease use and ensure compliance      
Execute workflows on KNIME Server      
Schedule a workflow or report to be executed at a certain time, or periodically      
Modify and execute workflows on KNIME Server to take advantage of well provisioned hardware in a secure environment      
Scale workflow execution to multiple machines with KNIME Executors      
Use Workflow Pinning for automated routing of workflows with special requirements to KNIME Executors with matching capabilities      
Execute big data workflows remotely. Enables access to Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Databricks from KNIME workflows      
Create and deploy Guided Analytics      
Deploy workflows via the REST API to allow access from other applications      
Number of consumers with access to analytical applications and services via the KNIME WebPortal No free consumers Limited consumers Unlimited consumers
Manage user credentials locally for individual users and groups      
Create workflow snapshots and compare to previous version      
Monitor server activity (running and scheduled jobs), adjust permissions, manage ongoing services      
Access detailed summaries of workflows for data lineage      
IT operations via central management of settings for multiple KNIME Analytics Platform client installations and customizations      
Integrate authentication with corporate LDAP / Active Directory setups, and Single Sign-On (SSO) via OAuth / OIDC      
Elastic scaling of computational resources with KNIME Executors, installed on-prem, in cloud, or hybrid mode      
Manage dedicated groups of KNIME Executors and assign execution power to teams or groups      
Elastic scale-out and scale-in with pay-as-you-go pricing      
Deploy inference services on KNIME Edge      
KNIME Server Product Support      
Annual subscription1
(based on 5 users and 4 cores for execution)

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25.000 EUR
29,000 USD
45.500 EUR
52,000 USD


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1 Academic and non-profit licenses are available for teaching and research purposes upon request. KNIME Server Small and Medium licenses are provided free of charge for unlimited users. KNIME Server Large licenses are available for a discounted annual subscription fee (incl. support).

Users, Consumers, and Cores:

User: a user is an individual person with a unique ID and may only be an employee, contractor, advisor, or agent of the customer who is authorized by the customer to use KNIME Software. Users have access to the full functionality of KNIME Software and are active for as long as they own items on KNIME Server such as workflows, data, folders, or scheduled jobs, etc. The license defines the permitted number of users.

Consumer: a consumer is either an individual person (internal or external) or a machine with a unique ID, who is authorized by the customer to use KNIME Software. Their only permitted interactivity is to execute workflows either via the provided API or via KNIME WebPortal. The license defines the permitted number of consumers. KNIME Server Large has an unlimited number of consumers.

Core: a core refers to a physical CPU core in the case of physical hardware and a "virtual CPU" core in the case of infrastructure as a service. In cases where the infrastructure as a service defines a relationship between physical CPUs and virtual CPUs, the physical CPU core count shall prevail. The number of licensed cores for execution refers to the maximum number of CPU cores that can be allocated to running the software. The license defines how many CPU cores can be used by KNIME Software.


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Run KNIME Server or KNIME Analytics Platform on AWS. Host your data science platform and applications in the cloud.

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Run KNIME Server or KNIME Analytics Platform on Azure. Host your data science platform and applications in the cloud.

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