KNIME Community Extensions

Working together to bring open source innovation to data science.
KNIME community extensions
Community Extensions

Community Extensions are user contributed capabilities from industry specific applications to sophisticated, scientific software integrations, all created by our global community of active users.

Where to find KNIME Community Extensions
Where to find Community Extensions

In contrast to KNIME Extensions and Integrations which are available via the standard KNIME Analytics Platform Update Site, Community Extensions are provided and maintained by community developers.

Rely on Trusted Community Extensions ​which are heavily tested, backwards compatible, and actively developed and maintained extensions. Find out more about these extensions here.

Use the latest functionalities from Stable Community Extensions which come directly from the labs of our community developers.

KNIME Community
Be part of the KNIME community

Use the knowledge of our community within the KNIME forum to solve your data science problems. Develop your own nodes and scripts - our code base is open source and hosted on GitHub and BitBucket.

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