KNIME Product Downloads 2017-07


This page contains downloads for the KNIME products that were released as part of the KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.4 in July 2017 and KNIME Server version 4.5. For the highlight improvements see our What's New page, or see the changelog for the full list.


KNIME Analytics Platform

The current version of KNIME Analytics Platform is 3.4.2.



The update site contains all bug fix release for the 3.4 line.


KNIME Store update site:


KNIME TeamSpace

The current version of KNIME TeamSpace is 3.9.1. KNIME TeamSpace is distributed as part of the KNIME Store (see above). Further documentation is available here:


KNIME Server

The current version of KNIME Server is 4.5.3. This update site includes all bug fix releases of the 4.5 line and the latest 3.9 KNIME TeamSpace release. The update site includes the server connector (Server Space) and the extensions for the workflow executors.

KNIME Server update site:

  • All KNIME Server updates are now contained in the Analytics Platform update site (see above).

KNIME Server 5.0 Preview

KNIME Server 5.0 will provide so-called distributed executors which allow you to execute jobs in multiple computers instead of a single one. Since it is not feature complete yet we distribute a preview with limited functionality which can be used for testing the new technology. Usage and configuration are very similar to KNIME Server 4.x therefore the administration instructions apply for both versions. Details can be found in the below Installation Guide for KNIME Server 5.0.


KNIME Spark Executor

The current version of KNIME Spark Executor is 2.1.0


KNIME Cluster Execution

The current version of KNIME Cluster Execution (SGE) is 1.3.0


KNIME Server 4.5.3 (released February 14, 2018)


  • [SRV-668]: Wizard state of jobs executed with subnode execution is not properly restored (this is a bugfix in the executor)

  • [SRV-1190]: Back button not working properly from last page in the web portal

  • [SRV-1189]: Loading custom JS template file fails on login page

  • [SRV-1229]: Potential deadlock when setting job input via REST


KNIME Server 4.5.2  (released November 13, 2017)


  • [SRV-1068]: Call Remote Workflow node sometimes fails with "Cannot apply new parameters - workflow still in execution"

  • [SRV-1077]: Workflows containing 'File Upload Quickform' may return sensitive information about (filesystem) file path

  • [SRV-1099]: Schedule dialog shows local times without conversion to current time zone

  • [SRV-1065]: SOAP webservices don't work anymore in TomEE 7

  • [SRV-1073]: Creating jobs via REST fails when WebPortal session is used for authentication in TomEE 7


KNIME Server 4.5.1 (released September 11, 2017)


  • [SRV-425]: Better administrative tools for adding users


  • [SRV-1026]: Error on saving metanode template directly onto a server

  • [SRV-993]: KNIME Server installer writes mail.smtp.from instead of mail.from to knime.xml

  • [SRV-1055]: Using File Upload node via REST requires fully qualified input ID

  • [SRV-1051]: Multiple File Upload nodes with same default file override each others data

  • [SRV-1043]: Temp files for aborted downloads are not removed

  • [SRV-1029]: Harmless connection reset errors in server log

  • [SRV-1027]: Quickforms and JavaScript Views disappear in WebPortal when page is refreshed manually

  • [SRV-989]: Report generation failure when plug-ins are not initialized in standard order

  • [SRV-988]: KNIME Server Installer does not copy template files in existing empty directory

  • [SRV-986]: Editing ServerSpace via KNIME Explorer throws NPE when logged in

  • [SRV-914]: Usernames with characters not allowed in file names lead to job execution errors


KNIME Server 4.5.0 (released July 12, 2017)


  • [SRV-770] - Update Apache TomEE to 7.0.3

  • [SRV-905] - Update VAADIN to 7.7.9

  • [SRV-771] - Update external JavaScript libraries

  • [SRV-699] - Improve description in Server installer

  • [SRV-830] - Bundle SSO default files with installation package

  • [SRV-773] - Default server installation shouldn't expose used application server

  • [SRV-774] - WebPortal shouldn't show application stack traces

  • [SRV-535] - Additional license attributes for Microsoft Azure

  • [SRV-888] - Allow multiple admin groups

  • [SRV-635] - Add download of server log files to REST interface

  • [SRV-893] - Add swap status to job information in REST interface

  • [SRV-634] - Download of server log files via administration pages

  • [SRV-911] - Show job swap status in admin pages

  • [SRV-926] - Multiple selection on jobs table for common actions (cancel and delete)

  • [SRV-919] - Pagebuilder needs method to query if running locally or in WebPortal

  • [SRV-810] - Add "Deploy to KNIME Server" option

  • [SRV-922] - New context menu option "Open in WebPortal" for KNIME Server workflow


  • [SRV-834] - Whitespace characters in the workflow column of the jobs table prevents filtering

  • [SRV-835] - Select component in jobs table does not correctly reset its value

  • [SRV-875] - Server installer not able to install KNIME executor via 'auto-install.xml'

  • [SRV-927] - Repository listing via REST throws NPE when authorization is performed via session cookie

  • [SRV-940] - Jobs below deleted workflow groups are not shown

  • [SRV-945] - "Save as workflow" leads to NPE when selecting root element (Mac only)

  • [SRV-928] - WebPortal shows wrong error message if user isn't allowed to log in


For any questions about KNIME Software or product installations, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


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