Once downloaded, proceed with installing KNIME Analytics Platform:

  • Windows: Run the downloaded installer or self-extracting archive. If you have chosen to download the zip archive instead, unpack it to a location of your choice. Run knime.exe to start KNIME Analytics Platform.

  • Linux: Extract the downloaded tarball to a location of your choice. Run the knime executable to start KNIME Analytics Platform.

  • Mac: Double click the downloaded dmg file and wait for the verification to finish. Then move the KNIME icon to Applications. Double click the KNIME icon in the list of applications to launch KNIME Analytics Platform.

Watch how to download and install KNIME Analytics Platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Starting with Version 2.1, KNIME is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 (including certain additional permissions according to Sec. 7 of the GPL Ver. 3). It is also available - through the dual licensing model - under customized licenses. If you wish to receive KNIME under a different license than the GPL, please contact us at to discuss licensing arrangements.


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