Marvin Chemistry Extensions

Together with our Life Science partners ChemAxon and Infocom we are pleased to offer the Marvin Chemistry Extensions.

MarvinSketch license update - changes in license handling in KNIME

ChemAxon has updated the terms of use for MarvinSketch. As of May 2020, MarvinSketch usage is tied to a license. The license is available through ChemAxon's website, for corporate accounts, for personal commercial, and non-commercial accounts. By updating your MarvinSketch node, you will need a license to proceed. ChemAxon continues to provide free licenses for non-commercial users.

1) In case you already have a MarvinSketch license, activate it in the KNIME node : and continue using within your KNIME workflow as you did before.

2) If your company also uses MarvinSketch (MarvinView) for other activities, contact your system administrator and ask him for a MarvinSketch license - which you will be able to install in KNIME nodes as well.

3) Neither you nor your company use MarvinSketch. In this case, you must get a MarvinSketch license. For commercial use please contact For non-commercial use, you can ask for a free license here:

Please follow the steps of the download page. While commercial licenses remain entirely confidential, ChemAxon collects data on usage patterns of the free, non-commercial users. Please select the relevant option from ChemAxon's download page and let ChemAxon know if you have any questions or comments.

The Marvin Family nodes contain:


Marvin Sketch – a power full editor to draw chemical structures, queries and reactions


Marvin View – an advanced chemical viewer for single and multiple chemical structures, queries, reactions and non chemical data included in a table


MolConverter – Converts chemical structures between industry standard formats like SD File, Marvin, Mol Files, SMARTS, SMILES and others.





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