Free Actian DataFlow Extensions

Please note that the Actian extensions currently only support version 2.12 or earlier of KNIME Analytics Platform. Unfortunately this is outside of our control so we have to wait for Actian to provide an updated version of their extensions.

Together with Actian we are pleased to offer the free Actian DataFlow nodes and DataFlow Executor for KNIME. These extensions are available from the KNIME update site.

These nodes include:

  • 28 nodes for Input/Output operations
  • 18 nodes in Analytics category
  • 30 nodes for Data Transformation
  • 4 Data Explorer nodes
  • 5 Data Matcher nodes
  • 14 nodes for Text Processing

To install the free Actian DataFlow nodes/executor select “Install KNIME Extensions” from the “File” menu in KNIME. In the list of available software check the box “Actian Dataflow”.

For more information how to get started with Actian DataFlow extensions please use this guide.


The KNIME team


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