KNIME User Meetup in Bay Area, US, January 2017

- Ristorante Don Giovanni, 235 Castro St., Mountain View, CA

Do you need an idea for your next data analytics project or a little inspiration to get it off the ground?

We are starting 2017 with a meetup at which we would like to show you a range of different use cases we, at KNIME, have been working on recently.

Based on the title of the meetup: Just Add Imagination. A Review of 6 Data Analytics Use Cases we will take a look at some classic and more innovative data analytics use cases ranging from customer intelligence to the field of IoT, static classification, time series analysis and even undefined problems!

In the second talk, Christian Dietz will introduce Image Analysis in KNIME. He will be providing a short introduction to the KNIME Image Processing Extension and will discuss its diverse application areas, such as face detection and bio-image analysis.

The beauty of numbers is that you do not need to learn a new technique every time but can adapt the same techniques to different domains and make advances with just a little twist or take from an alternative perspective.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination...


  • 6:00 PM "Short KNIME demo for the curious" by Rosaria Silipo, Principal Data Scientist at KNIME
  • 6:30 PM Short Break
  • 6:45 PM "Just add imagination" by Rosaria Silipo
  • 7:15 PM "Image Analysis in KNIME: Introduction and Applications" by Christian Dietz, Data Scientist, University of Konstanz
  • 7.45 PM Networking & Discussion (drinks and food provided)
  • 9.00 PM Close