openBIS Nodes for KNIME

KNIME nodes for openBIS allows to get data from an openBIS instance.

openBIS is a data management system for biological data. It allows to keep track of experimental data, meta-data and analysis data. For more information see

About the Nodes

In the current version of the KNIME nodes for openBIS (13.6.1) there are seven reader nodes:

  • Query Reader: Executes a parameterized SQL Query
  • Report Reader: Executes a reporting plugin for a specified data set
  • Data Set File Importer: Downloads a specified file from a specified data set
  • Data Set Registration (Flow Variable Port): Upload a file/folder (specified by a flow variable) as a new data set
  • Data Set Registration (URI Port): Upload a file (specified by an URI port) as a new data set
  • Aggregated Data File Importer: Get a file from a special aggregation service
  • Aggregation Service Report Reader: Get a report form a special aggregation service

For more details see


The OpenBIS nodes are relased under Apache License Version 2.0

Change Log


  • Dependency from openMS KNIME nodes removed.
  • Data Set File Importer: Absolute path of downloaded file available as flow variable.

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