Nodes for KNIME is an online platform designed for data and the people who work with data. From professional projects to open data, helps you host and share your data, collaborate with your team, and capture context and conclusions as you work.

On you will find:

  1. Datasets: public and private collections of data files. Structured data that is automatically cleaned, normalized and made easy to understand with context from non-structured data, data dictionaries, summary statistics, and discussions.
  2. Data Projects: interactive workspaces for teams to work with multiple datasets at once and answer questions, study hypotheses, and share insights.
  3. Connections: SQL and SPARQL query engines capable of connecting data across any number of datasets, a social graph connecting our community members, and integrations to connect the tools you already love to the work you do on

With the Nodes for KNIME you can:

  1. Read structured data from datasets
  2. Add files to datasets
  3. Upload KNIME DataTables (output from any KNIME node) directly to datasets
  4. Connect using the standard KNIME Database nodes to execute SQL and SPARQL queries on datasets hosted at

Getting started is easy:

  1. Find and install the Nodes for KNIME from the KNIME community extensions (see below)
  2. Obtain your API token at
  3. Update your KNIME settings with your API token

In order to install the extension go to KNIME's preference pages (File → Preferences) and enable the "Stable Community Contributions" update site: On the right choose "Install/Update", then "Available Software Sites".

After the update site has been enabled, the KNIME Nodes extension can be installed via the regular installation menu:


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