Continental Nodes for KNIME — Changelog

Version 1.2.0, released 2020-04-30: 

  • added ability to dynamically configure additional input ports for XLS Control Table Merger and XLS Format Merger nodes
  • added flow variable boxes to dialogs with file path or sheet name fields
  • fixed bug that column autosize should be last in implementation sequence, esp. in case of merged cells
  • fixed bug that few but duplicate styles in the input file would stop the XLS Formatting (apply) node from working

Version 1.1.0, released 2019-09-18: 

  • added port merge functionality, allowing to format multiple sheets at once
  • added XLS Hyperlinker and XLS Cell Commenter nodes
  • added "from long/unpivoted layout to wide XLS Control Table" option to XLS Control Table Generator
  • added information about the number of required styles to XLS Formatter Port view
  • added exception handler for cases of reading port objects written with a newer extension version
  • added progress indication message for applying changes to cells
  • improved Network Component Splitter's progress update logic and increased its capability to handle huge input networks
  • fixed degree sign encoding bug in the Cell Formatter node's text rotation feature
  • removed restriction that CellMerge must be the last node in the chain
  • removed slash (/) from the list of invalid characters in XLS Control Table tags
  • added warning and fixed exceptions for already existing output files
  • fixed bug of interactivity between elements in node dialogs
  • fixed bug that the Sheet Properties node's configuration step didn't validate incoming control table
  • fixed bug that sheet would be frozen at the wrong position if the user has already opened the xlsx file and scrolled in it

Version 0.8.2, released 2019-05-24:

  • fixed bug of the check for too many required styles triggering too early (it did check for number of formatted cells instead)
  • fixed bug of the Apply node's 'Open xlsx after execution' option to also work on Linux


Version 0.8.0, released 2019-03-08:

  • initial release

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