Continental Nodes for KNIME

Many Continental employees are frequent users of the KNIME Analytics Platform for use cases ranging from data workflow automation to advanced analytics. To improve their data processing and reporting capabilities, we have developed the Continental Nodes for KNIME Extension. In March 2019, we open sourced the project on GitHub and KNIME made it available as a community extension thereafter.


The Continental Nodes for KNIME can best be embedded into a KNIME Analytics Platform installation via its extension mechanism:

  • Open the KNIME preferences via File | Preferences,
  • navigate to Install/Update | Available Software Sites,
  • add the KNIME community extensions (,
  • close the preferences screen and hit File | Install KNIME Extensions…,
  • activate the Continental Nodes for KNIME extension in KNIME Community Contributions - Other.

Continental does not release binaries for the contribution. But of course, you could always build the com.continental.knime.update project yourself to create an own update site.


The Continental Nodes for KNIME extension consists of two types of nodes.

  • Our Utility nodes provide features that make certain calculations easier or faster compared to other ways to achieve the desired result with existing KNIME nodes.
  • The XLS Formatter nodes make it possible to add formatting and advanced settings to XLS files.

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Some example workflows are available on the KNIME example server from within the KNIME Analytics Platform in the section 99_Community.

Version History

Version 0.8.0 is both the initial and current public release of March 2019. For future releases, we provide a separate change log.


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, see the LICENSE.txt file for details.